Pink Marilyn Monroe CD/DVD/Disc Organizer

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Pink Marilyn Monroe CD/DVD/Disc Organizer

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We've got one more item from the Marilyn Monroe collection of pink car accessories to present to visitors. This week's product is a handy CD/DVD organizer. This 10-disc organizer installs in seconds thanks to its convenient velcro strap and features the same Marilyn Monroe design as the other items from this series. Complete your collection of Marilyn Monroe pink car accessories with this versatile 10-disc organizer.

Most of today's vehicles are sold with a CD player of some kind while some motorists choose to have players installed aftermarket. Some vans and SUVs even come equipped with DVD players perfect for entertaining passengers on a long road trip. Keeping your CDs and DVDs organized and free from scratches can be difficult in an automobile, so simplify the process with an economical CD/DVD organizer. It installs perfectly on most visors and on a wide variety of in-car vanity mirrors.

As with all of the items in this series, the Marilyn Monroe pink disc organizer is in high demand. If you're looking to add to your Marilyn Monroe car accessory collection, or even if you're anxious to start your collection with this attractive organizer act now before quantities diminish.

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