Pink Kiss Decal, Lips Sticker

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Pink Kiss Decal, Lips Sticker

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Key Features

  • Hot Pink Color
  • Simple Application
  • Ultra Durable

Product Description

Nothing says "feminine" like a giant kiss mark left from bright red lipstick so today's featured decal will serve as the perfect pink car accessory for girls and women of all ages. Automotive decals are among the most inexpensive means to accessorize the exterior of your vehicle. A well-designed decal is safe for a variety of automotive surfaces, lasts for years and can be applied in only seconds.

This pink lips decal measures 5.75 inches in width and 4.45 in height, large enough to be noticed but not so big as to look tacky on your car's side or rear windows. As the photo suggests, the sticker is of a hot pink shade and would beautifully compliment a variety of paint jobs. The decal has been created by World Design, a company responsible for designing many of the awesome pink car decals we've featured as of recently.

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