Pink Interior Underdash LED Lights by LEDGlow

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Pink Interior Underdash LED Lights by LEDGlow

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Key Features

  • Four Tubes Included
  • Total of 72 Pink LEDs
  • Music/Sound Responsive
  • Handy Control Box

Product Description

Looking to really add a splash of pink to your car's interior? Then grab a set of LED lights. A quality set of pink underdash interior lights instantly transform your car into a party on wheels and LEDGlow is one of the foremost names in the business. Today we're featuring their 4-piece pink colored lighting kit and it's packing an unprecedented number of features.

This set includes four 9 LED tubes capable of being placed in a variety of locations. Some choose to mount two tubes under the dashboard and two under the front seats, effectively illuminating the vehicle for all of its passengers, while others prefer to focus all of the light up front. And with 6 ft. of power wire and hassle-free mounting hardware to each tube, the choice is ultimately up to you.

Each tube offers 18 superbright LED lights, offering an astounding 72 sources of light for your vehicle's interior. Wide angle bulbs and tubes ensure that your LEDGlow lights will be visible to all passengers. The kit includes a handy control box and all of the usual light patterns including multiple strobe, fade and scan effects but the sound activation mode is undoubtedly our favorite feature. The kit's built in microphone accurately tracks the volume of your music and reacts to the beat. A sensitivity dial on the included control box allows you to fine-tune the sound activation mode to your taste.

The ultimate collection of pink car accessories is not yet complete without a set of hypnotic pink underdash lights from LEDGlow. This set is perfect for the motorist who already has it all as well as those just starting their pink car accessory collection. Best of all, the 72 longlife bulbs and a wide array of light patterns ensure that this kit is one you or the kit's recipient will be enjoying for years to come.

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