Palm Tree Flip Flop Floor Mats

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Palm Tree Flip Flop Floor Mats

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Possibly one of the more sought after items here at Pink Car Accessories 24/7, this set of front seat floor mats largely displays a detailed pair of pink palm tree flip flops. This brilliant set makes a great gift for a friend, for yourself or anyone you know who appreciates the complimentary nature of pink automobile accents.

These mats are considered "all-weather" and safeguard your expensive vehicle flooring against unforgiving elements. Clean up of these mats is made easy with soap and water thanks to the tough material used to create them. We offer a number of island- and Summer-related products here at the site, so be sure to browse around for similar items if you're a fan of this sort of style.

Please note that the manufacturer offers this floor mat set in a few different colors, and although a strong effort will be made to provide you with the 100% pink version you see above, some customers will be offered a version with a different-colored base to ensure delivery of all items.

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