Officially Licensed Hello Kitty Peach Air Freshener

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Officially Licensed Hello Kitty Peach Air Freshener

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Promoting recognition as an affirmed Hello Kitty item, official Sanrio licensing has been assimilated at no added cost. That kind of consideration is often neglected by manufacturers of similar pink car accessories. Because of a delightful, long-lasting Peach scent, this product affords effective improvement of your interior's aroma and perceived value. Only the most superior of materials were employed in the production of this piece, as well as all other pink auto accents delivered by this business.

In an attempt to satisfy shoppers, the manufacturer of this product has added in an adhesive peel tab for insanely simple installation on any car or truck surface. Sadly, developers of competing pink car accessories can't say the same of their goods. Unlike competing pink auto accents, this product offers a cute design, providing consumers with appreciation and envy from all of your future passengers.

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