Ed Hardy Steering Wheel Cover with Love Kills Theme

Item added on January 28, 2012, Listed under Steering Wheel Covers

Ed Hardy Steering Wheel Cover with Love Kills Theme

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Key Features

  • Steering Wheel Protection
  • Quick and Simple Install
  • Improve Steering Wheel Grip
  • Ed Hardy "Love Kills" Line

Product Description

If you took advantage of the last Ed Hardy product we featured, you're going to love this one. What we're highlighting this week is a stylish steering wheel cover from the popular Ed Hardy "Live Kills" line of pink car accessories. It features the same grunge heart and skull pattern that last month's Ed Hardy floor mats displayed and serves as the perfect accent to any automotive interior.

Like a majority of the pink steering wheel covers we promote, this cover offers an extremely simple installation on most cars, trucks and SUVs. Simply slip the cover on and you've protected your steering wheel from dirt and damage while disguising any existing scuffs and stains. More importantly, this cover offers an extremely secure grip, providing increased comfort and safety behind the wheel.

If you're looking to invest in the Ed Hardy "Love Kills" line of interior accessories for the first time, we recommend pairing this steering wheel cover with the matching floor mats we had previously showcased. Together these items will completely transform your interior's appearance while protecting your vehicle's precious upholstery from inevitable damage. And if you've already started decorating your vehicle with Ed Hardy accessories, be sure to stay tuned as we'll be offering even more products from the popular line of Ed Hardy car accessories in the very near future.

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