Complete Pink LED Underbody Light Kit

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Complete Pink LED Underbody Light Kit

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When looking to make as big of an impact as possible to the exterior of your ride, underbody light kits are among the first investments that come to mind. A good light kit is an inexpensive and easily reversible way to add a pink colored punch to the outside of your car, truck or SUV. Light kits can be activated in a parking lot, outside of a party or even in your driveway as a way to draw attention to your treasured ride.

CarXtc has managed to deliver an outstanding underbody light kit for under $100. This eye-catching accessory includes 4 bulbs to cover the entire perimeter of your vehicle, including two 48" and two 36" light rods. These lights offer an astonishing 180 degrees of illumination and are powered using LED technology, so you know they'll burn brighter and longer than the competition. All four of the included bulbs are protected in damage resistant and weather resistant housing to prevent unavoidable wear and tear.

Customers interested in this item will also receive a wireless remote control at no cost, allowing drivers to activate their kit at a distance. A 10 pattern control box is implemented as well, delivering a wide array of unique light settings, including flash and chase functions. These various light settings will earn even more appreciation for an already impressive set.

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