11 pc. Zebra Print Interior Accessory Kit

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11 pc. Zebra Print Interior Accessory Kit

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For those looking to quickly and completely accent the interior of their ride with attractive pink accents, look no further than this 11 piece Safari Pink Zebra Print kit. This package comes loaded with stunning accents for your vehicle, including 4 floor mats (2 for front seats and 2 for back), 2 low back seat covers, 2 headrest covers, a steering wheel cover and 2 shoulder pads - all shipped in a pink zebra print pattern.

With this package offered at this price, there's never been an easier way to quickly and easily stylize your ride with a pink color. Item measurements for floor mats and steering wheel cover are as follows:

Front Floor Mats: 27" x 17.25"
Back Floor Mats: 17.5" x 13.25"
Steering Wheel Cover: Fits Steering Wheels with 14.5" to 16" diameter

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