Popular Pink Car Accessory Designs and Patterns

Article posted on August 18, 2011

Article Photo If you're shopping for pink car accessories for the first time, you're probably more than a little shocked by the wide array of options. Pink is among the most popular colors in automotive accessories, and the category can be further broken down into specific designs. While many drivers are content with simply receiving an accessory in the right color, others are more particular about what patterns and styles make up their interior accents. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular designs in pink car accessories and then go over a few simple ways to determine which works best for you or your recipient.

Animal print is currently a very popular look in automotive car accents, especially when they're colored in pink. Pink zebra and pink leopard accessories are two of the most popular right now, and retailers from all around the globe are well-aware of the trend. As a result, consumers shouldn't have a problem filling an entire automobile - from floor mats to seat covers - with pink animal print accessories.

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Considering that most of the motorists in the United States are at least sixteen years of age, it may come as a surprise that accessories with cartoon characters are currently flying off of the shelves, but it's true! Among the most prevalent are characters like Sanrio's Hello Kitty and Disney's Tinkerbell. Maybe it's the nostalgia factor or maybe it's just because the fictional characters look so good in pink - either way, accessories with cartoon characters continue to grow in popularity year after year.

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Of course a group of purists will always exist that prefer a simple, no-frills accessory to a flashy alternative. For this type of consumer, manufacturers will continue to pump out pink two-tone accessories for cars, trucks and SUVs of all kinds. Whether the pink is paired with white, black or any color in between, the modest two-tone design will always be a great choice for drivers of all ages.

Accessory shopping for yourself is pretty easy since you already know what it is you like and dislike, but what about when you're shopping for a gift for someone else? Start by determining what types of pink car accessories the recipient already owns; a driver has no need for two sets of floor mats or steering wheel covers. You'll also want to see what patterns the driver is currently displaying in her vehicle. If she is driving around in a car full of basic single-tone or two-tone accessories, a pink leopard print steering wheel cover may stick out like a sore thumb. Finally, remember that not all patterns and designs are suited for all ages. Though there are exceptions to the rule, pink animal print and cartoon characters are more appropriate for younger drivers while the simple two-tone designs are often a better choice for the older ones.

Hopefully these tips will make the process of shopping for pink car accessories a little bit easier for everyone. As a general rule, you'll always want to make sure that a gift compliments the recipient's personality and current accessory choices. So if you don't know the motorist well enough, just talk to one of her close friends or family members and they'll likely be more than happy to share some insider gift-giving tips with you.

Article photo courtesy of f_mafra on Flickr.